Seismic Retrofitting


Seismic Strengthening is the modification of existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion, or soil failure due to earthquakes. With better understanding of seismic demand on structures and with our recent experiences with large earthquakes near urban centers, the need of seismic retrofitting is well acknowledged. Many structures were designed without adequate detailing and reinforcement for seismic protection. In view of the imminent problem, various research work has been carried out. Many technical guidelines for seismic assessment, retrofit and rehabilitation have been published around the world most of which we have in our collection. Artistic Consultants & Construction Ltd. is also researching on seismic Strengthening & providing quality design services accordingly.

Retrofitting of building structures, including maintenance and strengthening, is not only an important issue in construction and management, but also a frequent problem to structural engineers in proper structural design. Based on the contributors’ hands-on experience, Artistic Consultants & Construction Ltd. covers structural retrofitting practices, the basic principles of structural analysis and design, and various innovatively-used structural codes for the design, assessment, and retrofitting of building structures using newly-developed technologies worldwide.